How to Unroot/Install Android 4.1.2 on Rooted Nexus 7!

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For those of you on custom ROMs who want to update to the latest Android 4.1.2, if you made a backup ROM of your stock ROM, you can easily do the OTA update.

But if for some reason if you didn’t, here’s a video tutorial on how to unroot/install Android 4.1.2 on your rooted Nexus 7.

Note that this will erase your settings/apps on your Nexus 7 so make sure you make a backup of all your apps using Titanium Backup app (or your favorite backup app).


Download Android 4.1.2 stock firmware for Nexus 7


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You will need a rooted Nexus 7 to install all ROM/kernels.
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11 Responses to How to Unroot/Install Android 4.1.2 on Rooted Nexus 7!

  1. X-man says:

    Hi Max,
    I have rooted 4.1.1 stock rom and want to get 4.1.2. Can i get it without losing root?

  2. sharjackmission says:

    I have updated to 4.1.2 with ota but I have problems
    I can’t boot to recovery
    Can I flash this firmware over with out problems

  3. Techymarkbo says:

    Is there a way to receive the ota update of 4.2 without loosing the data. I am rooted with stock rom and recovery. Can I just lock bootloader and receive it?

  4. Techymarkbo says:

    By the way, the reason I am asking is because the Nexus 7 downloads the 4.2 update, shuts down to update, then I get an error regarding an unsigned zip and then it errors out. Should it be installing this update while unlocked on stock rom???? I thought it is supposed to.

    • Techymarkbo says:

      I had issues when trying to do the 4.2 upgrade. I was stock going to stock and would not do it. I ended up having to flash by fastboot with each img file.

  5. Gangnam says:

    Hey Max –
    I’ve tried on 2 different win7 x64 PCs now – it always hangs during the dos command: “sending bootloader” & freezes for good. What am I doing wrong that it freezes??

    Thanks for this great resource!

    • Gangnam says:

      This is crazy – why isn’t my tablet isn’t accepting the bootloader flash!! I rooted using Max’s instructions and now it won’t accept the bootloader flash using Max’s unroot instructions!!!!!! Has anyone tried to unroot their nexus 7 to resell it????

  6. Mangirdas says:


    could you please help me :) Im stuck.. iv rooted my htc one x with your tutorials.. nexus 7 with ubuntu and how i want to go back to stock android..
    I have done everything you said step by step until i need to write fastboot flash bootloader bootloader…blabla..

    than it says waiting fot device and thats all.. nothing happens…
    iv did tutorials according to unflashing in ubuntu.. still can not..

    Could you please advice?:) Its connected to usb.. :/

  7. jstout says:

    well this has locked up my Nexus you are 2 / 4 / 2 man

  8. jacko says:

    doesnt work…. it says that it is not compatible that it needs talpia version or something… max you should do another tutorial that will work for all versions i am stuck at some custom rom(cfx_grouper-4.2.2-20130213) now and i need to send my nexus 7 to waranty repair.. PLEASE help
    Thanks, greetings from Slovakia :)

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