How to Root Nexus 7!

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For those of you who want full root, here’s how to root your Nexus 7 Android tablet. (This root method works on Android 5.0 Lollipop, KitKat Android 4.4, Jelly Bean Android 4.3, 4.2.2, 4.2.1, 4.1.1, and 4.1.2.)

NOTE: For Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4.4.3, 4.4.2, 4.4 KitKat and Android Jelly Bean 4.3/4.2.2/4.2.1/4.1.1, use SuperSU v2.30 instead in Step 11!

Why root your Nexus 7?  What is root?

Root is basically full “admin” access your Nexus 7 tablet so you can run rooted (admin) apps, install custom ROMs, and do all sorts of things otherwise not possible.  If you are coming from iPod, this is basically jailbreaking equivalent time 100.

This method will work on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

Before we begin, unlocking bootloader WILL ERASE EVERYTHING on your Nexus 7 so do COPY EVERYTHING on your Nexus 7 to your computer before beginning!!!

Step 1. Hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 30 seconds until your Nexus 7 reboots into bootloader/fastboot mode.

Step 2. You should see an Android guy with belly open.  Connect micro-USB cable from your Nexus 7 to your computer.

Step 3. Next, download below and unzip/extract.  You will find a folder called Nexus7Root with all the files you need including drivers for Windows (no drivers needed for Mac or Linux.


Step 4. For Windows, go to Device Manager and Update the drivers, you should see an Android with exclamation mark.  The drivers for Nexus 7 are included in the zip file under usb_driver folder.  If you don’t know how to do this, please watch the tutorial video!

For Mac and Linux, skip to Step 6.

Step 5. Once updated with drivers installed, you should see “Android Bootloader Interface”.  You are good to go then.

Step 6. Open a command prompt or terminal and type:

cd Downloads

cd Nexus7Root

fastboot oem unlock

For Mac and Linux, please type this before the fastboot command:

chmod 755 *

And also replace all “fastboot” with “./fastboot-mac” for Mac and “./fastboot-linux” for all commands on this page!!!

Step 7. You should see “Unlock bootloader?” screen on your Nexus 7.  Hit the Power button.  THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING!!!

Step 8. Once bootloader has been unlocked, you should see the red letters change to “unlocked”.

Step 9. Reboot your Nexus 7 and you should see the welcome page again, go ahead and sign in.

Step 10. Connect microUSB cable from your Nexus 7 to your computer.

Step 11. Copy the file to anywhere on your Nexus 7′s internal storage.

NOTE: For Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4.4.4, 4.4.3, 4.4.2, and 4.4 KitKat, please use SuperSU v2.30 instead!!!

Step 12. Reboot into bootloader/fastboot by holding down Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 30 seconds.

Step 13. Go back to command prompt/terminal and type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

fastboot erase cache

Step 14. Use Volume buttons to choose “Recovery mode” and hit the Power button.

Step 15. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery menus, choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 16. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 17. Choose the file “”.

Step 18. Choose “Install”.

Step 19. You should get “install from sdcard complete”.

Step 20. Reboot and choose “Yes – Disable recovery flash”.

Step 21. Once rebooted, you will find SuperSU superuser app.  Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Nexus 7!

Step 22. Download and install a rooted app like Titanium Backup app from the Play Store and run it, you should find the Superuser request window pop up!

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Credits – ClockworkMod for Recovery and ChainFire for awesome SuperSU.

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173 Responses to How to Root Nexus 7!

  1. jeff says:

    Hey max can u also do a version using wugfresh nexus one click root toolkit. It looks much easier using his tool. Its on xda at the top

    Thanks bro ur the best

  2. Jim says:

    I’m having trouble with step 6 in linux. In terminal I type
    chmod 755* ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    and the output read chmod: invailid mode: `755*’
    I typed ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    the output read

    Is anyone else running into this?

  3. Mike Miralles says:

    Hey Max! This is really great! I’m always trying this website ( for several days now because I know this will be your new website. I’m looking forward getting this super tablet next month and it nice that you already have a site for this. I’m hoping that your youtube channel will be back soon. You were doing a great job! Thanks!

  4. BT says:

    Nexus 7: I followed your video and got mine rooted. I have superuser permission, Titanium Backup Pro and Rom Manager (the free one).

    I downloaded CM10 and that seemed to install via Rom Manager. I downloaded GApps and tried to install it with Rom Manager but I get the Android icon with a Red Error Triangle, after a few minutes the device reboots by itself. But, I do not see anything that is different (from stock) in the way of features or Apps.

    Using iMac to do this and the Android File Transfer app… I dragged the two files CM10 and GApps to the Download folder in the Nexus.

    Note: I did not try to install the Motley CM Kernel – Do I need that also if I don’t want to overclock?… What to do next???


  5. katy says:

    I’m stuck with step 13 though, how can I proceed it from there. Also how can I transfer a file using usb computer connection (step 12). After the tablet is connected to the usb cable, nothing was shown up.


    • C.Rogers says:

      I had problems on Step 11, and 12: For Ubuntu users, get “gMTP” from software center. This will allow you to copy files to and from your Nexus 7. Be sure to append “sudo” in front of all “fastboot-linux” commands in the above tutorial, otherwise the command line will show “waiting for device”. I have successfully rooted my Nexus 7 on Ubuntu 12.04, with the help of these instructions and gMTP. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. katy says:

    I figured it out. Thanks so much

  7. Lucky says:

    After using your steps will I also have CWM recovery permanently? So will I be able to flash ROMs after this using CWM?

  8. Sol says:


    It’s worth pointing out that modern Android devices use MTP (media transfer protocol) instead the old USB block mode. Most Linux/BSD/*nix users will have to have mtp related libraries (and a GUI like gMTP) installed for drag&drop file transfer.

    I think modern full-featured distros might include support out of the box already, but just a heads up for those having problems.

  9. Tony says:

    Hey Max, the zip file link seems to be down. Tried downloading it from three different browsers.

  10. Tony says:

    A little off topic Max, but do you think it’s better to get the 8gb or the 16gb N7?

  11. Yohan says:

    If I do this will I still be able to install ota updates?

  12. Michael says:

    hey max do you think you could put up instruction on how to get back to100% stock in case of warranty and such.

  13. Aviv says:

    Super simple guide!
    thanks alot max!

  14. xman says:

    This works for latest FW 4.1.1?


  15. xman says:

    This works for latest FW 4.1.1?


  16. Philip S. says:

    I am stuck on step 20. How do I disable the recovery flash?

  17. aaron says:

    getting stuck at step 13 keep getting, -bash: flashboot: command not found, even after doing the tab trick…. super frustrated, just want cm10!

    • curtbrue says:

      Aaron, im having the same problem with adding recovery to the terminal. What did you do to get passed this? Any help would be appreciated!!!! I cant move on until i figure this out. Thanks bud!!!

  18. shalomazar says:

    hey max, im using OS X, and im having some issues… i unlocked the boot loader but i cant seem to install clockwork mod recovery touch… your commands arent working on terminal… i did replace fastboot with ./fastboot-mac… is there anything else extra for mac for step 13… thanks

    • shalomazar says:

      update: i installed CMD-touch- but now when i go to recovery it give me an android logo with the stomach open with a warning sign….

      • shalomazar says:

        update: everything fixed… thank you so much for ur video… btw it feels so much better when u fix everything yourself… instead of letting others do it for u…

        • admin says:

          k cool good job bud!

        • Nathan Bartell says:


          How did you fix? I get the android logo with open stomach and red warning sign too. I watched the video but didn’t see how to fix. The video was for Nexus 10, but I am assuming they are the same process?

    • thomlark says:

      Installinf from windows- Flashed recovery-clockwork-touch and get the dead android with red triangle when entering recovery.

      If this problem has been solved before, I’m sorry I can’t find the solution. Pleas point me in the right direction

  19. xman says:

    Hey Max,

    After rooting my swiping left-right menus seem to be laggy. What do you suggest to fix this?


  20. Alec Vanek says:

    If i root my nexus 7, can i still do updates, like if android 4.1.2 came out, would i lose root if i updated?

  21. roybj says:

    Hi, great stuff thanks!
    is it possible to only get root and not flash the recovery?
    will this allow me to get OTA updates normally?

    thanks for all your effort!

  22. Gary says:

    Hi Max,
    Thank You for your video, i has root my Nexus 7, but one thing i want to know is “for example”, i has save some photo and some file on my N7, but after i do the Hard reset by “Factory data reset” under the setting, all the file is still here, so how can i do to made my N7 like “NEW” & “Clear”.
    Many Thanks,

    • admin says:

      You can use the factory reset feature in the stock recovery or CWM recovery instead. But the stock version will erase everything on your storage so make a backup before doing that.

  23. suntoryjim says:

    Hey Max,

    This worked perfectly. So easy to do, I was able to root my N7 while at work.

    Running Codename Android ROM now at your suggestion.

    Request: can you do a tutorial on how to choose and install a custom kernel for the N7 along with your recommendations? Maybe even a video review of the popular custom kernels?


  24. thanks! says:

    Hey this is great – I’m a mac user, and terminal can be a bit intimidating. This worked like a charm, and I’m quite grateful you put this method up so clearly. Thanks!

  25. Thomas says:

    If you’re having trouble transferring the file on mac. Go download Android file transfer

  26. Clem says:

    Does this install BusyBox as well?

    Also, can I just install a custom Kernel on this rooted stock ROM? E.g.

    Thanks for the great tutorial again :D!

  27. Mark says:

    What am I missing?
    Using linux mint and/or Ubuntu 12.04 and sits at and doesnt recognise the connected tablet?

    All commands are correct but no joy using Linux?!

    Any pointers?

  28. thebobp says:

    Max, I think you should update the CWM in this guide to 6.0.1

  29. Josh says:

    Hey Max im having a problem copying the supersu zip to my root. It wont let me copy when its PTP and my nexus isnt getting recognized by my computer when I set it to MTP.

  30. Anthony Kiniyalocts says:

    Hey Max,

    I was wondering if instead of installing CWM Recovery I could install TWRP (Personal Preference)? If so would I just replace the step of installing CWM with TWRP?

  31. rdtsa says:

    how can i unroot it ??? help please!!!

  32. rrr says:

    There’s only damned advertising on that download-page! Where is ?!?!

  33. David says:

    Hey max, do you think you could put up a video of how to unroot? It would be greatly appreciated! :D

  34. skikuna vandrede says:


    Thanks for the Rooting guide. on the mac, I have not been able to find a way to disable recovery mode.. How is it done? What happens if i can’t/don’t disable it?


  35. Gaelen says:

    I rebooted at step 20, but didn’t get the option to disable recovery flash, tablet just went straight to rebooting. You said this would give permanent recovery. If I didn’t get the option did it automatically disable it?

  36. Zack says:

    Please help installed paranoid android and wifi wasn’t working so I restored a rom. Any idea on how I can fix it. please. Thank You

  37. Jayson says:

    If I root the nexus 7 using this method but not install any custom ROMs, will I still be able to receive OTA updates? Thanks!

  38. Maurice says:

    Thanks for the easy root instructions. So far, I’ve only encountered one problem. It has to do with apps. Now some are saying they are incompatible with my version. I read it has something to do with the dpi being changed. Do you know of a fix to correct this? Thanks!

  39. Tom says:

    This method also works on 4.1.2?

    • David B says:

      Get as far as step 6 with version 4.1.2 and it stops… the command “cd Nexus7Root” is not recognised.
      So cant go any further… pity…

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  41. Justin says:

    Hi Max,
    I’m trying to get root but i’m stuck on step 11, I can’t seem to find my device when it is in MTP and when i put it in PTP it says i can’t copy the file. I’ve doubel checked to make sure the drivers are installed and as far as I can tell they are, what am i doing wrong?


  42. Hy Tran says:

    i am stuck at step 14. everything went ok. when i go to recovery and hit the power button as the website said. the nexus 7 just go directly back to android. i am on 4.2

  43. Phil says:

    i cant get into CWR after step 14…. already tried to flash again and again but nothing changes

  44. jack says:

    i accidentaly skipped step 20 – “Yes – Disable recovery flash”… i did a reboot by pressing the power button.. is there something wrong?

  45. RS says:

    max I have a huge Problem. I Followed your steps exactly and when it comes to step where you say to reboot to get to Welcome screen, it gets stuck on the X splash screen. Please help me.

  46. RS says:

    I now tried to reLock the bootloader Reboot then i was going to do this whole process over again but no matter what I do I cannot get pass the Nexus X splash screen. Can some1 please help me.

    • RS says:

      I figured it out. This wasnt working for some reason.So I went to Nexus tool kit to flash the stock image and instead of getting stuck at the X it booted to the Welcome screen. thanks

  47. RS says:

    does Max even respond here much to help people out like he always says in his vids? i have a feeling if I didnt figure it out myself I would have never gotten response.

    • Nathan Bartell says:

      Max is one of the few that I actually have gotten a response from. Thanks for all of your time that you give to the rooting community Max!

  48. Evangelina says:

    HI i cant get to the ClockworkMod a green android laying down with a red triangle and a ! on it pops up. I followed all directions I have a nexus 7 with android 4.2

  49. Dominic says:

    Hey I am running android jellybean 4.2 and I installed the clockwork touch mod and I cleared cache and I go to recovery mode the device stays on the google logo with unlock and the screen flickers then goes black and reboots into the os whats wrong why did the mod not run?

  50. Vane says:


    thank you for ur guide.. it’s really help me.. i search in google almost all guide were very hard to follow and many step and many things to download.. this is the easiest one i ever seen in web, just need download 1 file frm this site.. i tried root already and successed.. thank you.. ^.^

  51. Rene says:

    Does this method work with 4.2?

  52. Hudson says:

    Hey, max
    thanks for all the info abt rooting n7
    I have a slight problem after I unlocked the bootloader and rebooted and signed in my pc doesn’t seem to recognise my device for me to copy files over. The PTP mode also not working… what should I do? thanks

  53. AnthonyCruz says:

    im running 4.2 and ive put cwm on the tablet I typed in everything I erased the cache and I tried going into recoverymode but it doesn’t go into recovery mode please help!!!

  54. vincent says:

    when i get to step 17 , the CWM supersu file does not appear. I copied and pasted the zip file into my Nexus internal memory. Why does it not show up when i get to step 17?

  55. Daniel says:

    Uuuummmmm… Maxx i tried to download but it seems the link is broken, would you kindly put it back up? Coz i’m dying to root my nexus 7…..Thank you in advance!

  56. Fr8r says:

    Testimonial: Max, this guide is awesome. I had searched the internet for about 4 days looking for noob proof instructions that actually work! None of them worked without issues. It was a total pain.

    You’re instructions above are excellent! The video is perfect! The root went flawlessly! You are now my one-stop shop for all things root. I have a GS3 (L700) and rooted using your instructions and that was also perfect!

    Thanks so much for your time and effort!

  57. ahmed says:

    when i type fastboot oen unlock its says fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command operable programme or batch file
    now what can i do am stuck open here can not continue

  58. PValerio says:

    you are the man, great help, best regards

  59. shadrick simms says:

    omg this video isn’t good! you are doing to much.if your working on one thing stick to it. You go from Windows to mac and then Linux. your confusing me and others then u say type 755 * but before what and on which computer .dam man ya falling off.

  60. Kukulcan says:

    Hi, Does this tutorial works on a nexus 7 with Jelly Bean 4.2.1? i’m afraid to get a brick after this process, and if it’s not, what do you recomend for root a jelly bean 4.2.1??
    Thanks for the how to, excelent page.

  61. Jevil says:


    Does this method work on jellybean 4.2.1 build JOP40D?? I wanna root my Nexus 7 but dont wanna brick it. I’ve rooted my galaxy nexus using your other videos. So im not new to the whole rooting thing but just wanted to know if this is the video to follow to root my 4.2.1 nexus 7.


  62. Ahmed Alsubai says:

    SHey max does it matter if its the nexus 7 WiFi or nexus 7 with WiFi and mobile network

  63. DeeJ says:

    I noticed it listed JB 4.1.1 and 4.1.2, but it only listed 4.2 and not 4.2.1 or 4.2.2. Will this method work for 4.2.1 and 4.2.2?

  64. cricket says:


    Please help me. It is appaer at the step 13 that cannot determine the image file name for recovery……!?What is the problem? Thank you in advance!bye

  65. i55 says:

    Please help me
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

    fastboot erase cache

    at the 13 step
    When a hit the power button , my nexus reboot

  66. SmontillaS says:

    Hi.. help me please, my OS is Ubuntu 12.10 i tried to root my nexus 7, but in the terminal, after i write ./fastboot-linux oem unlock appear and no more, i think that te pc didn’t recognize the tablet, but you say that for linux i don’t need drivers, so please help me, what can i do? i have Android 4.2.2


  67. SmontillaS says:

    Hi.. help me please, my OS is Ubuntu 12.10 i tried to root my nexus 7, but in the terminal, after i write ./fastboot-linux oem unlock appear ”waiting for device” and no more, i think that te pc didn’t recognize the tablet, but you say linux don’t need drivers, so please help me, what can i do? i have Android 4.2.2


  68. Rod Myers says:

    I have 4.2.2 OTA. How do I obtain root?

  69. Fred says:

    Hey, I am getting an invalid partition error when I try to install your recovery-clockwork-touch- . I have tried both image files and keep getting the same message. Is this because I am running the 4.2.2 OS? Please HELP!!

  70. Johnny Quickkick says:

    Great tutorial – only thing I would change is this: Step 6 instructions are in the wrong order.

    the line:
    fastboot oem unlock
    should come very last!

    This is what is written currently:

    Step 6. Open a command prompt or terminal and type:
    cd Downloads
    cd Nexus7Root
    fastboot oem unlock
    For Mac and Linux, please type this before the fastboot command:
    chmod 755 *
    And also replace all “fastboot” with “./fastboot-mac” for Mac and “./fastboot-linux” for all commands on this page!!!

  71. Rixin says:

    Hey max, i can’t put anything onto the nexus. It shows up as a camera and won’t let me put anything on the root dir. I have installed the drivers am i missing something?

  72. Jasper says:

    Hi, I’m getting stuck on step 6. My Nexus7Root file is at C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\LPdemo\Downloads\Nexus7Root when I go there on cmd everithing works fine until that. When i write …Nexus7Root>fastboot oen unlock it doesen’t give me the same thing that it gives to you, instead ite gives me a large list of commands and options like:
    update reflash device from
    flashall flash boot + recovery + system
    flash [ ] write a file to a flash partition

    So how can I move from that? Can it be that because I first used WinRAR instead of 7zip that that could have screwed it up? On my nexus it reads now…

    PRODUCT NAME – grouper
    VARIANT – grouper
    SERIAL NUMBER – blaablaablaablaa
    SIGNING – not defined yet

    What should I do?

  73. ryan almadmoj says:

    dose it work for android 4.2.2

  74. Praneeth says:

    Do you need to install busy box ?
    How do you do it?

  75. JP says:

    Thanks for the step-by-step video bud but I too was stuck at #6. But I got the Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.3 from WugFresh Development from another site,followed the simple instructions and was able to root my Nexus 7 easely! Never got stuck once.Hope this may help others.Thanks once again Admin!

  76. Spencer says:

    Hey guys I am getting stuck at step 15, when I click the power button to activate the “Recovery mode” instead of going to the ClockworkMod Recovery menu, it goes straight to my home screen like I rebooted it. Anyone know how to fix this? Also I tried installing both recovery-clockwork-touch- and the other one to no avail.

  77. Alex says:

    Stuck on step 13, it said “fastboot” is not recognized as an external or internal command.”

  78. Brandon says:

    please help. just tried this on stock 4.3. everything went well except for when i open SU get error saying”there is no su binary installed, and su cannot install it. there is a problem!” I downloaded the correct su file for 4.3. any ideas?? Please!!

  79. Rithy says:

    why install update of superSu failed how to fix it please ?

  80. Saud says:

    Hi, I did everything, step by step an it was complete.
    I even got the SuperSU app in the drawer, but when I tap the SuperSU app, a popup window come up and says
    “There is no SU binary file installed and SuperSU can notinstall it. This is a problem”

    • cooper says:

      major problems with 4.3
      There is no “SU binary”. and I am denied root access all around. it seems this thread is abandoned by the OP already though, so I don’t expect help. but be warned if you are doing this on 4.3.

  81. Couch says:

    Cant get to recovery and it show me a warning sign

  82. dan says:

    max, im stuck on step 13. when i put the command into terminal it says command not found? i did everything you said to do. im on a mac, and im running 4.3 on my nexus7 tablet. its the 2012 version of the N7. please help!

  83. Peter says:

    Need some advice max!

    So due to a miscommunication over the phone my buddy followed these instructions for rooting his NEW nexus 7 (2013) rather than following the instructions on the other tutorial. Now his bootloader is unlocked, but he has no access to recovery and neither a windows nor linux machine can detect the device with adb drivers.

    He got to step 14 to reboot into recovery and couldn’t access it, so he didn’t get to the option to desable recovery flash.

    Is there a way to fix this? i.e. reload custom recovery/stock recovery?

    any advice would help.

  84. city says:

    Can you help me ???

    So, when I enter the recovery mode and about to install the zip file, I realized that my nexus 7 (4.2.2) didn’t connected to my PC. Then, I rebooted the nexus and tried to enter the recovery mode again, the android exclamation appeared.

    So far, I can’t find any solution to this, can you help me


  85. Maximiliano says:

    i have a problem… I´ve done the whole process(instaled the recovery clockwork, chache erased), but then when i try to enter to the recovery mode, the Android exclamations appears….

    Note: My nexus 7 2012 has android 4.3

    Please answer,

  86. Dean says:

    I did EVERYTHING you said and in the end, as I opened the Titanium Backup, it says :
    “Error Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This application *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again.
    This attempt was made using the “/system/xbin/su” command.
    * The SU binary needs to be updated, but Installation Failed.

  87. sjaak says:

    Hi there unlock went eel on mij iMac
    but i had to flash superuser because i have 4.3

    su is in my downloads on nexus 7 en and the other downloaded stuff in mij downloads on my mac

    what should i type in terminal nothing is working

    please help

    kind regards sjaak

  88. kevin says:

    i did it the way you said but when i select ” install zip from sd card” then “choose zp from sd card” i dont find…the only file i see is legacy/ and odd….please help

  89. Iulian says:

    i have done all the stages and when i opened supersSU it said “the su binary needs to be updated. continue?”
    i pressed continue and it said “installation failed”
    please help

  90. seven says:

    For anyone having trouble with rooting 4.3 and getting the message “There is no SU binary file installed and SuperSU can notinstall it. This is a problem”, you have to install this update as well from root recovery just as you did the CWM zip. After that it works.

  91. Brian says:

    I have done all steps up to step 15…when I hit the power button to get to recovery mode I get a android icon with a red exclamation triangle over the top. Did I do something wrong?

  92. Koray says:

    I followed your instructions to the end, then noticde that I needed a different SuperSU for 4.3 (as the other one didn’t work). So I went back to step 11 and copied the correct file to N7, then repeated the steps.
    But now when I start SuperSU, it says “There is no SU binary, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”
    How can I resolve this issue, any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  93. ernie says:

    hey max great web site,but im having a little problem with the last command prompt i put in the way you say it but it doesnt work do i have to put the > and the /flashboot recovery recovery clockwork and so on..

  94. Chris says:

    Hey Max when I follow instruction to step 11. and use the SUperSU-JWR66N file it wont update. It says.There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. There is a problem! Did I do something wrong or is there some file missing? Please help.

  95. Jay says:

    Hey man,
    the second time i try to get into the boot loader it just keeps resetting the tablet and going back to the unlock screen, what do I do? thanks!

  96. Tony says:

    My new Nexus7 notified me that there was an update from 4.4 to 4.4.2. I took a chance and updated and I lost root and custom recovery. To fix this. Simply download SuperSU v1.8. and TWRP open recovery v In Max’s download file of NewNexus7Root. Open it and delete or remove the older recovery file. And cut and past the new one you downloaded in its place. Copy and past the newer SuperSU v1.8 to your Nexus7, anywhere you want to I guess. And start Max’s tutorial again. It will say your bootloader is already unlocked, dont sweat it, just move on in the steps. when you are done, you will more than likely have to do a factory data reset, then reinstall Supersu v1.8 again, bingo, good to go. I hope this helps anyone. Thanks Max for your great work you do.

  97. harit says:

    I am using nexus 7 wifi version 2012.
    i am done with installation super user.
    but when i reboot it takes me again in recovery mode .
    please help me out.

  98. FinnZoidberg says:

    If someone is having troubles with accesing the recovery, just download the latest recovery version for the Nexus 7 (it worked for me, I am in 4.4.2)
    Download link:

  99. Noobly300 says:

    Ok I really need help I tried doing this on my Nexus 7 but when i try to turn it on it stays on the colorful circles and what I get when i go into bootloader is this
    FASTBOOT MODE(red font)
    VARIANT- flo 16G
    HW VERSION- rev_e
    SERIAL NUMBER-059fc555
    SIGNING- yes
    SECURE BOOT – enabled(green font)
    LOCK STATE- unlocked
    also when i go into recovery it just stays stuck on the google screen? Did I do something wrong?
    please help me I’am so desperate for help!!!
    please anyone who can help me please speak to me!!

  100. RallePalle says:

    ATTENTION! Don’t root your Nexus7 (2013) by this way!
    My device doesn’t boot anymore – same problem as Noobly300 !
    Can’t also set it to factory image !

  101. Bratan says:

    After unlocking Boot on my wife’s Nexus 7 (2012) w/ Android 4.4.2 I got message that storage is encrypted and prompted to enter password. Could not get past that screen :( Wound up wiping all partitions and re-imaging to Android 4.1 and then upgrading from there… Got it working eventually, but people beware!

  102. George says:


    I have the same problem as Noobly300 and RallePalle

    There must be a way to fix this, I cannot afford to buy another tablet, please please help, extremely desperate!

  103. ching says:

    for those who have problem on the recovery. use this updated cwm

  104. larry says:

    kitkat 4.4.4 i follow carefully the instruction and i used “SuperSU v1.99 ”
    the message appear when i click the superSU

    “there is no su binary installed, and supersu cannot install it.
    this is a problem!

    if you just upgraded to android 4.5, you need to manually reroot – consult the relevant forums for your device!”

    pls help.

  105. Ryan says:

    Will this method work on stock android 4.4.4?

  106. Himanshu says:

    After choosing “Yes- Disable Recovery flash” in step 20 I am getting another screen saying “Root access Possibly Lost. Fix?” and there is an option saying “Yes – Fix Root(/system/xbin/su).
    And after selecting it the tablet reboots and
    when i open superSU its saying me “There is no SU bunary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device!”

    My Android version is 4.4.2 and i have used SuperSU v2.30 in step 11….Please help…..

  107. Pingback: Anonymous

  108. uday says:

    hi there
    i have nexus 7 tablet last update 5.0
    some of site send ad as update to ver 5.1 my boy accept to update so start to download at first and then the device reset. to
    load some files and then stoped and the device show as error message,so i press the power off/on to restart
    the device not work just the first screen i mean the move color screen .(lollipop screen)
    im went to the format from the recovery but no change …..?
    dear sir/ i need to help , what can i do now
    thanks alot

  109. Fleaspirit says:

    Hi Max ,
    how are ya ?
    Will this root guide also work for android 6 ?

  110. frans le fevre says:

    Im stuk after step 15. It Will not start up in CWM. Keeps getting android warning triangle. All other steps completed as in tot. My nexus 7 is the first onde w/o Camera in back. And it runs android 5.0 what to do?
    Plz help

  111. Dave says:

    and bricked. Ta.

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