CodenameSammy ROM for Rooted Nexus 7! [TouchWiz]

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For those of you are wondering if you can turn your rooted Nexus 7 into a Galaxy Tab tablet device with TouchWiz launcher, there’s a ROM for that, CodenameSammy ROM.

Although I was skeptical of how well it can run on a non-Samsung device, I was rather surprised to find the all-too-familiar TouchWiz running flawlessly on my Nexus 7.

Other than minor hiccups (sometimes browser seemed to freeze but I think it was due to Adobe Flash acting up), this is an awesome ROM that allows you to use TouchWiz launcher and TouchWiz widgets.

Other than all standard features you would find in the original Codename ROM, the CodenameSammy also features cool stuff like Adobe Flash working out of the box with the stock browser so you can enjoy Jelly Bean with flash.

I think this is definitely one of the most fun ROMs to try so give it a go and let me know what you think.


Download CodenameSammy ROM for Nexus 7

Credits – XDA

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3 Responses to CodenameSammy ROM for Rooted Nexus 7! [TouchWiz]

  1. Sol says:

    Why would anyone want TouchPiss?

    • I love touchwiz. Why would anyone want Sense, or any other launcher. That’s the beauty of Android. We can each have our phones exactly the way WE want them. My only issue w/ this ROM is the portrait/landscape issue. Think I am giong to try Paranoid Android.

  2. Celia says:

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