Codename ROM for Rooted Nexus 7!

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Here’s a quick review of Codename ROM for your rooted Nexus 7 Android tablet. This Codename ROM adds couple nifty features like being able to customize your lockscreen with weather and calendar widgets (which I find it very useful) and also you can install custom CM9/AOKP themes from the market. There are other great features like DSP Manager and more.

Codename ROM seems like one of the better ROMs out right now for your Nexus 7 so give it a try and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

Download Codename ROM for rooted Nexus 7!
Download GApps

Credits – XDA

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5 Responses to Codename ROM for Rooted Nexus 7!

  1. Suntoryjim says:

    This ROM is extra-smooth with the Motley 1.1.1 GPU484 kernel. Highly recommended.

  2. Sol says:

    Seems like you’re not really interested in this device and prefer your Tab/Note 10.1, which I find gobsmacking given how horrid the build quality and ergos are on that thing.

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