Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Nexus 7!

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For those of you who want to get Android 4.2 ROM with root on your Nexus 7, here’s a CWM-ready zip file you can easily flash instead of unrooting/flashing stock firmware.

As you might have heard already, the latest Android 4.2 ROM comes with major upgrades like multi-user support, lockscreen widgets, upgrade GMail/Calendar, and some more.

This is pure 100% stock Android 4.2 ROM with root, Superuser, and busybox added.

Also, please download and install SuperSU from Play Store for proper root access after installing ROM.


Download Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Nexus 7

For installation, if you are coming from Android 4.1.2 ROM, you should be able to install the Android 4.2 ROM without data wipe/factory reset. For others, you may have to do a data wipe/factory reset when installing ROM. Also do make a backup ROM (as always) just in case something goes wrong.

Credits – XDA

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You will need a rooted Nexus 7 to install all ROM/kernels.
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6 Responses to Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Nexus 7!

  1. Rich says:

    Cheers Max. I just got my ota update and didn’t want to un-root… So I thought to myself, I’ll just check on, I bet Max has got it… Not let me down yet! Keep up the good work… Now excuse me while I get HIGH ON ANDROID 4.2!

  2. Gregorio says:

    Thanks a lot max. Just got a n7 off craigslist and the first thing I wanted to do is rooted. Your method proved to be easy and fast as the tablet was already 4.2
    Thanks a bunch.

    Any good Roms for n7 you would recommend?

  3. Will says:

    I’ve upgraded many devices with different roms. I have to congratulate and thank you; that was the easiest upgrade I’ve ever done.

    Will D

  4. Eric says:


    Looking at root possibilities for (JOP4OC)

    Since, you are my Go-To-Guy, here I am.

    Wanting to root my Google Galaxy Nexus 7 3G

    What ROM’s / Method do you recommend?

    *Happy Holidays!*


  5. Eric says:

    One More Time – For The Brother!

    Max!- You-The-Man!

    And, we know this!


    I’m trying to install ROM Manager and all the little extras – That make life worth living

    Suggestions? Max? Anyone?

  6. Rich says:

    Your unlocking and rooting tutorial for the Nexus 7 running v4.2.2 is AWESOME. I searched high and low on the ‘Net for help and yours was the only one that worked for me! Thank you for your time, effort, and for making a real difference. I am one grateful cat!


    Seattle, WA USA

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