How to Root New Nexus 7! (2013)

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For those of you who want to root the New Nexus 7 (2013 model), here’s how to do it easily.

This will work on all Android OS versions including Android 4.3, 4.4, 4.4.2, 4.4.3, 4.4.4 KitKat and 5.0 Lollipop.

NOTE: For Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4.4.4, 4.4.3, and 4.4.2 KitKat, use SuperSU v2.30 instead in Step 8!

Before we begin, rooting New Nexus 7 involves unlocking the bootloader.  Unlocking the bootloader will erase EVERYTHING on your Nexus 7 so make a backup of your personal files such as photos and videos by copying the contents of your storage to your computer before beginning!!! You’ve been warned!!!  (I highly suggest to root your New Nexus 7 as soon as you get it for this reason.  There is an experimental ADB backup method if you need to backup your apps and app data but I do not recommend it much, you can see it being done on Nexus 4 though.)

Step 1. Power off your New Nexus 7.  Then hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds.


You should see the bootloader menu or also called “fastboot” mode.


Step 2. Connect a micro-USB cable from your New Nexus 7 to your computer.


Step 3. Download and also SuperSU zip files:


Download SuperSU zip file

Unzip the and you should get a folder called NewNexus7Root with everything you need including USB drivers, ADB, and fastboot.  (No need to download the whole Android SDK!)


Step 4. Open up Device Manager on your computer and install Nexus 7 drivers.  If you don’t see “Android ADB Interface” you can use the video tutorial above to install drivers.



Step 5. Once drivers are installed, open a command prompt and type:

cd Downloads

cd NewNexus7Root

fastboot oem unlock


Step 6. You should now see a screen on your Nexus 7 to unlock bootloader.  Use the Volume keys to select “Yes” and hit the Power button to unlock the bootloader.  THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR NEW NEXUS 7!!!


Step 7. Once that’s done, go ahead and hit the Power button again to reboot your New Nexus 7.


Step 8. Once rebooted, go ahead and go through the setup process.  Then copy the SuperSU zip file you downloaded earlier to anywhere on your Nexus 7 storage.

For Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4.4, 4.4.2, 4.4.3 KitKat, please use SuperSU v2.30 instead!!!


Step 9. Put your Nexus 7 into bootloader mode by repeating Step 1.

Then type:

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

fastboot erase cache

This will flash TWRP recovery to your Nexus 7.  You can also replace the file ending in .img with another recovery file such as CWM to install CWM recovery instead in the future.


Step 10. Go to your New Nexus 7 and choose “Recovery mode” using the volume keys and hit the Power button.  This will enter you into TWRP recovery you just flashed.


Step 11. Choose “Install”.


Step 12. Choose  the SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier.


Step 13. Swipe to flash the SuperSU zip file, this is what will actually give your tablet full root access.  Once done flashing, reboot.


Step 14. If you end up in a bootloop like I did, try rebooting into TWRP recovery, then choose “Wipe” to do a factory reset.  Then repeat Steps 11 through 13 to reflash the SuperSU zip file.  I believe this is some sort of bug but doing a factory reset and reflashing SuperSU did the trick for me.  If your Nexus 7 did boot up fine, you can simply skip to next step.


Step 15. Once rebooted, your New Nexus 7 should be fully rooted, go ahead and install/run app like Titanium Backup app to verify you have full root.  Congratulations!!!

Also, if you did copy your personal files in storage to your computer, you can now copy them back to your newly, rooted New Nexus 7.


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Credits – Thanks to TWRP for the awesome recovery and ChainFire for SuperSU!

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50 Responses to How to Root New Nexus 7! (2013)

  1. Manish says:

    will the same process and files work for nexus 4 too??

    • admin says:

      Pretty much identical but recovery file is different. Try for nexus 4.

      • cloud says:

        hey i have a quick question, first of all i watched your root video and it worked perfect so thank you for that. this is my first time owning an android device and its the nexus 7 2013 and i love it, now my question is there is a new update from google but i realize it wont update because my system is rooted, so how can i do the system update without losing root and if i do lose root how will it affect all my paid apps and other apps on my device, i know more than likely i need to back up my pictures etc, but i’m more concern about my apps so is there a way?

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m stuck in a boot loop after installing SuperSu zip. I’ve tried redoing steps 11-13 several times to no avail. Any ideas?

  3. Taylor says:

    So I went to restart after unlocking the boot recovery and get stuck in a bootloop. I did fastboot erase cache still no good.

    • Taylor says:

      So I got it Thanks Zedo for all your videos you are extremely talented at what you do :D

      • Charlie Sweatpants says:

        Wanted to also say thanks. I was banging my head into the wall over this on Sunday with a couple of other guides, but this tutorial got me through. One quick note for other Android noobs like me who get stuck in the bootloop. Here’s how you do the factory reset:

        1. Hold the “Power” and “Down Volume” button to go to the bootloader.
        2. Select “Recovery mode” with the volume up/down button and press Power to select.
        3. That’ll take you back to the Teamwin/TWRP console.
        4. Select “Wipe”. (Upper right corner.)
        5. Swipe to do a “Factory Reset”
        6. Repeat Steps 11-13 above to reflash the SuperSU zip file.
        7. Reboot.

        This stuff may be obvious to everyone else here, but this is my first Android device so I had to kind of feel my way around the terminology. Thanks again, Zedomax, and bye-bye advertising on my new toy!

  4. Steve says:

    If you root with this method, will the custom recovery prevent you from getting ota updates in the future? I know it did on my Evo 4G but wasn’t sure if there was a solution for this now.

  5. Kevin says:

    Does anyone know if this method will also work on an iMac??

  6. sam says:

    i choose recovery mode but it just stays on the google screen

  7. Shams says:

    Does this method result in the loss of OTA updates from google? Or will they keep coming, but result in loss of root?

    • Steve says:

      I replied to your comment above, but it has not yet been approved and posted because I put a URL in it I think… not sure… but search Google for ‘wugfresh’ and use his Nexus Root Toolkit. It will root without putting a custom recovery on your device (unless you tell it to), so you should still be able to receive OTA updates. I used it this afternoon, no issues with the procedure, and all is well with my Nexus…

  8. Ariel says:

    This weekend I get the new Google nexus 7 2nd generation!!
    What benefits I have if I root the tablet???
    Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  9. Ivan says:

    I have unlocked boot loader on new nexus 7 using guide for last year nexus ? what can happen now ? Device booted and it looks ok , I am just afraid to proceed so I dont damage anything? Any ideas?

  10. Ivan says:

    I made huuuge mistake and downloaded instead of NEWNEXUS7ROOT.ZIP. I have still unlocked bootloader but wondering what is going to happend if i wanna go back to stock now ( like flash factory images ) . All other steps I did ok and I’ve gained TWRP and ROOT but my concern is now bootloader ? ???
    I have used just to unlock bootloader and after that I downloaded correct one( and proceeded with TWRP and rooting and installing custom Rom. ! Can anybody help please!

  11. mike says:

    followed your directions but I cannot load the super su. the command prompt said “okay” but its not on my nexus.


  12. TJ says:

    Thank you Mr. admin! :P

  13. sam says:

    hey Max! Is it the same to root new nexus 7 4G as the wifi one? I just brought the device(4G version) in Hong Kong and wanna root it.

  14. xunholyx says:

    I’m sure it does, but before proceeding I would like someone to confirm that the SU zip will also work for the JSS15R build.

  15. Daniel says:

    Thank U work very well for me wowwww i try i try but ths model work well

  16. corey chen says:

    i downloaded the file onto my computer, unzipped, get to the have disk step, but when i try to browse for the driver, the file does not show up. i made sure that i found the exact folder for the downloaded driver.. i also tried this on 2 of my computers and still cannot finish this step. am i doing something wrong?

  17. Art says:

    Big Problem!

    I put the expanded files of the SuperSU file on the device instead of the ZIP file it is expecting.

    I can almost put on the proper file on with the fastboot command, however I can’t seem to specify the proper partition. When I specify “data” as the partition it will not copy. Here’s the command line I’m using:

    fastboot flash data

    The super SU file does live in the directory where I’m executing the command. It returns an unknown partition error. I can copy to the cache partition but can not mount the cache partition to gain access.

  18. Jimmy says:

    I bought the Nexus 7/2do generation. Turn it on then update to android 4.3, after that I follow this tutorial to root the tablet.
    Everything so far so good, my Nexus is full rooted, but my issue OTG usb isn’t working even so.
    Any ideas?

  19. jeremy says:

    my nexus isnt connecting to my computer. it makes the connect sound when i plug it in but it doesnt show up in my computer. i tried turning debugging mode on

  20. Dawson says:


    I tried to root my Nexus 7C – Android 4.4. I typed <> instead of TWRP, but now when i try to rerun the command correctly, it says cannot load the TWRP in cmd. Please guide me how to proceed. Also I am not able to see the nexus folder in ‘My computer’ after unlock. Please let me know what can be done for that as well.

  21. ali says:

    Help please !!!
    my nexus isnt connecting to my computer after root. it makes the connect sound when i plug it in but it doesnt show up in my worked fine before root.

  22. Abraham Park says:

    Max, I used your root method but got this after opening the su app, “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!” How do I fix it?

    Thank you

  23. Nad says:

    First android device and first time rooting an android device.

    I’m using Nexus 7 2013 and was successful in unlocking and rooting it by following your tutorial. In case I want to restore it to factory settings, (e.g. locked and unroot) how do I do that? (Android version is Kitkat 4.4.3)

    Do you have a video tutorial on how to do that?

  24. Michael says:

    Hello Zedo,
    My name is Michael, and please help me finding a solution to repair my new Nexus 7 2013 tablet. In fact, the tablet belongs to my daughter, a gift for her birthday. After 2 or 3 months the tablet stopped working properly, first, it didn’t recognize the front camera, after that, the back camera, next started to function very, very slow, and when I tried to restart it, the tablet “died”. When I connect it to my computer, I hear the sound, but nothing on My Computer or Device Manager. I tried Volume Up & Power, or Volume down & Power, but nothing.
    The Asus service in Romania doesn’t recognize the Amazon warranity and the only answer was to solve the boot problem. How can I do it? Please help me.
    l am Looking forward to hearing from you,

  25. Ilhama Arsyadani says:

    Can you help me….???

    How to Root Nexus 7 in VirtualBox

  26. Nabi says:

    Thanks very much for this tutorial. Quick and easy, better than Wugfresh toolkit

  27. RogerD says:

    Oh man what i can say about this post. It’s really amazing the way you have shown o us for rooting nexus device. I would really like to appreciate your efforts in providing us such a valuable information. THANKS for this post.

  28. Danny says:

    Thanks for your sharing. It’s fantastic to have your video tutorial on teaching me how to “play” with my Nexus 7. Thanks!!!
    However, May I ask if it is possible to fallback to the original settings (eg. locked bootloader, no root, stock ROM) in the future? If yes, could you demonstrate to us or share a guideline with us? Thanks.

  29. Hamish says:

    I got stuck on step 6. All i have is the flying dot animation. It’s been doing this for 15 min now. everything else is unresponsive… What do I do now?

  30. Sam says:

    I followed the steps in the tutorial. At step 14, I had a bootloop. So I repeated steps 11 to 13 to wipe for a factory reset and flash the SuperSU back and reboot. However, the reboot took a long time so I pressed the volume down and power button to kick start the reboot. After that the tablet is dead. It doesn’t matter how long I press the power button or the volume down and power button. I even tried to connect it to the charger. There is no indication the tablet is being charged. Any help?

    • Sam says:

      Good news. After leaving the Nexus on the charger for an hour, I could turn it on. The bad news is it is still caught up in the endless bootloop. I tried to wipe and re-install SuperSU several times with no luck. Help please.

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