How to Disassemble New Nexus 7! (2013) [TEARDOWN]

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Need to repair your New Nexus 7?  Well, even if you don’t need to do it right now, let me tell you that most parts on the New Nexus 7 is easy to replace as it is easy to take apart.

Whether you need to replace the battery or the USB module, here’s  step-by-step tutorial showing you how to disassemble your New Nexus 7 and put it together flawlessly.

Step 1. The back cover of the Nexus 7 comes off very easily.  To take it apart, simply insert a plastic tool (or long nails) to the side of the tablet.  Once you get a nice small gap, slide your plastic tool across the tablet all the way around until the back cover comes off.




Step 2. To get the bottom USB board out, you will need to unscrew all the visible screws and also one screw that is covered by a tape that says “seal”.  Also there’s three flex cables you need to disconnect and speaker connector.  Once those are off, the USB board should come off easily.



The bottom speaker module also can be easily replaced, it’s just a speaker with a plastic frame.


If your USB port breaks and you cannot charge your New Nexus 7, you can replace the USB board shown below.  You should be able to pick up these on eBay soon.


Step 3. To get the main motherboard out on top of the New Nexus 7, you need to disconnect THREE flex cables as shown below and also unscrew any visible screws along with another screw hidden by “seal” sticker.




Step 4. You can actually take the battery out only also.  To take battery out, unscrew the 4 screws.  The battery connector where it connects to the motherboard can easily be disconnected by simply pulling it up towards the sky away from the motherboard (I found out during my first disassembly).


Step 5. Once all the screws are off and the flex cables are disconnected, the motherboard comes off easily.  If you hard brick your New Nexus 7, you can replace the motherboard to get it working again.  The motherboard also has the front and back camera attached to it, which are very easy to replace if you break it.


That’s about all the disassembly you can do on the New Nexus 7 without use of a solder.  If you break your screen, you may be able to just replace the glass (without taking it apart) or you may want to replace it with a glass/digitizer/frame assembly.  Merchants should have those available in the near future.


For assembly, simply follow the procedure backwards, and also you can watch the video tutorial at the top of this page that shows you step-by-step.

Once assembled, turn on your Nexus 7 and make sure everything is working such as your screen, touch, sound, front/back camera, etc…etc…


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